Marketing design for geeky businesses and organizations!

Marketing design is a tool to help you reach further than you can on your own and to fill holes in your marketing and outreach.

  • Without it, you're unable to focus on what really needs doing:  
  • Write that chapter that needs to be written
  • Finish that art piece for your next show
  • Catch up on inventory!

Marketing examples - Pinback Buttons

  • Involve local artists
  • Fund raise
  • Provide collectibles
  • Advertisements/souvenirs
  • Help attendees connect
  • Trick out your convention or craft show booth
  • Reward supporters and loyal subscribers
  • Promote new products
  • Use as business cards
  • Collaborate with geeky artists
  • Advertise a special event
  • Delight online customers with something special

Case Studies - Pinback Buttons

Off the Beaten Path Books
IGGPPCamp: Troop Hobbitses Buttons
Science Hoop Art and Pinback Buttons Collaboration with Craftypodes
Krmbal Clothing

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Work in the Wild - Pinback Buttons

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