Saturday, July 15, 2017

Sorry Out of Order

This design was originally inspired by a conversation with a friend about a dream research project we'd do together:  examining the relationship between being a geek and mental illness.

After that conversation, I ran home and started drawing brains. I wanted to keep the design simple – to have the imagery complement the text I was going include.

I chose a sans serif font to keep the text clean and similar to an “out of order” sign you'd see on a machine that was broken.
The sketch was vectorized with the use of my tablet. There were different versions as I increased and decreased the smoothness of the lines as I drew. The smoothness in the middle was the best.

I filled the stroked lines with color and then removed the strokes to get the effect you see.

Adding anything else to this design would make it too busy.

I had some troubleshooting with the design as the first trial button had the text too small. I increased the text size, how the text was placed on the button and reprinted it.

I didn't have the brain appear crushed or broken as part of the imagery. The importance of the illustration looking like a normal brain while being out of order is what those with a mental illness face everyday.

Struggles aren't always visible on the outside. I wanted to call attention to that.