Sunday, October 2, 2016

Making a Pinback Button: How I Designed the I Plan with Pretty Colors Button

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I start a new design off with a sketching phase. I use a mechanical pencil and my sketch book to sketch ideas down until I get one that works well.

For the Plan with Pretty Colors design, this design was part of my #geekybuttons challenge in June. I had planning as a prompt.

After sketching, my next action depends on the goal of the design. Sometimes I hand letter, take a picture and vector the design. Sometimes I get out my drawing tablet and work in Inkscape. What I do depends on the audience of the design and the best way to reach them.

For the Plan with Pretty Colors design, I sketched different letters in Inkscape until I found one I liked. I then put them all together into a cohesive design.

I chose to use a marker brush in Inkscape because I wanted to draw the letters by hand. Most planners are filled in by hand and I wanted to celebrate that. I have a separate file for sketching and a different one for finalizing the design. I moved parts of the sketches that I like to the design file and adjusted it from there.

After the design was done, I needed to place it in my button template and work on colors. I made sure the the spacing of the words and the letters were correct. I also zoomed in and out to see the design from a distance and close up. I wanted to make sure that it was well balanced. I also turn it upside down too.

For colors, I chose bright, warm colors as many of the planner stickers I see my friends use are bright and cheery.

I had a couple different ideas for the background. I knew the white background was too plain and the design needed something to bring it together.

I know that planners offer a vertical and a horizontal method. I personally like the vertical method better. The horizontal method doesn’t have enough space for me to make a list. I like to make vertical lists.

I made the calendar background and decreased the opacity. I wanted it to be just dark enough for it to be seen but not so that it took away from the colors of the letters.

After the design is finalized and ready to go, it’s time to export the design and get it ready for printing!