Sunday, September 11, 2016

Custom Work Pricing Method: Quote vs Flat Fee

Today I’m going to talk to you about two different pricing methods:  The flat fee method and the quote method.

These are two different methods that I’ve seen custom pinback button companies use in order to price their work.

I’m going to explain the differences and the benefits for each.

The flat fee method is one of the most common methods you’ve seen. When you go to get your haircut, the fee is the same regardless of how much work is done.

This is different from the quote method. The quote method is more involved. It’s customized especially for you.

This is the method that I prefer to use compared to the flat fee method. The flat fee method may be quicker but, the quote method is more customizable.

In using the quote method, I ensure that your goals are met and we are working together on this as opposed me working for you.

Just like I explained in a previous video about why I have a questionnaire when it comes to custom work the reasoning is the same. You have goals and I have goals.

If I use the flat fee method, it’s not going to be fair for either of us.

In using the quote method, I’m able to pay special attention to your goals versus being worried that I’m not paying my bills. And, that I’m not paying attention to your goals and give you the service that you need in order to meet your goals.

In using the quote method, we work together to make sure that what is is we would like to do, both personally and professionally. Is going to get done. I’m going to work with you on this, not for you.

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