Sunday, July 17, 2016

Science Hoop Art and Pinback Buttons Collaboration with Craftypodes

Kelly from Craftypodes and I really wanted to team up and make something together. We’re both geeks and knew that whatever we made would be awesome.

After an initial email about timing, we discussed what subject we would focus on. Kelly really wanted an excuse to cross stitch this science design. We then worked on a timeline to complete the project. We wanted to make sure we could set time aside to individually work on the collaboration and still complete the other projects that we had going on for our businesses.

We decided to support a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) organization with a portion of the profits. We felt that giving back to the STEM community is important, particularly for girls.

The pinback buttons would detail quotes from women in science. Kelly suggested working with quotes from Ada Lovelace and Marie Curie. I agreed.

I researched quotes that were in the public domain to make sure we could legally use them. I worked on designs go to behind the text. I based the designs on the areas of science that they worked in. Ada Lovelace worked with computers and Marie Curie worked with radiation.

"Labor ipse voluptas" is Latin for "Labor is its own reward." This was the Lovelace family motto.

I choose the power symbol for Ada Lovelace to celebrate her contribution to computer science. The blue-green color signifies that power is on.

I put Ada's name along the rim of the button.

The quote "Nothing is to be feared, it is only to be understood" is often attributed to Marie Curie when she found out she had cancer.

I choose the radiation symbol in a green-brown color for Marie Curie's button to celebrate Curie's persistence in her research despite her health problems.

I put Marie's name along the rim of the button as well.

I shipped my buttons to Kelly and David since they had the supplies to ship the hoop art. My pins went along for the ride.

A portion of the profits went to support Science Club For Girls, an organization that facilitates free science programs to girls to introduce them to STEM.

We only made one of these sets. It is now sold out.

Thanks for reading!