Sunday, July 24, 2016

Off The Beaten Path Bookstore Case Study


Off the Beaten Path is a steampunk themed book business. They travel to local events and sell books, much like a mobile library.

Off the Beaten Path wanted a way to spread the word about their business around the time of  Small Business Saturday. They wanted to encourage customers to shop small. This event occurs in late November. National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) was also occurring at the time. With NaNoWriMo events in full swing at the shop these pins helped Off the Beaten Path for more than just the one Saturday event.


Five different types of pins gave customers a variety of pins to choose from. The logo pin and the Off the Beaten Path pin provided a way for customers to have a steampunk piece of art and to advertise the logo of the shop.  The rest of the pins were ways for customers to celebrate reading and buying local. This increased the shopping indie community and the local community of readers.


The buttons were a combination of custom designs as well as the business logo. The blue-green color used in the pinback buttons works well with the green colors found in the store logo. Blue also symbolizes trust and is the color of Small Business Saturday.

I choose a serif font that was legible on the button face. The font also fit the steampunk theme of the business. This would keep the design consistent across the steampunk niche.

The book images and the blue-green colors on the button designs were consistent across the button series. This further strengthened the theme of the buttons as a whole.


The pins provided a way for the shop to advertise their focus on being a local, small business as well as their love for books. The steampunk niche is what makes this business so special. These pins allowed the shop to provide customers with a way to express their love for books and the steampunk way of life.

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