Sunday, July 3, 2016

Krmbal Case Study


Krmbal is a geeky t-shirt company that’s eco-friendly - using 100% organic cotton shirts and plastisol ink. Krmbal is run by Tessa. She wanted to use as freebies for orders she would send out. She wanted to use them at conventions she would vend at as well.

Planning & Design

Tessa sent me her logo for pinback buttons.

While making the layout for the 1.25" pins, I imagined what it would be like for me to receive a pinback button like this in a package from Tessa. I own a couple of Krmbal tees and was spoiled by the care and attention that Tessa puts in her packaging. Having a Krmbal pinback button would mean I could show my Krmbal pride regardless of what I was wearing!

Additional details

I added the website along the rim of the button to show others where to go so they can get amazing Krmbal products too!

The colors of the logo pop and really draw your eye. The green and brown of the logo speak to the eco-friendliness of Krmbal. Not only does Krmbal work to celebrate geeky loves - the environment is benefited in Krmbal using quality and eco-friendly materials too!


Upon receiving the pins, once they were made, Tessa remarked, "It was fun to have items to hand out at shows and including them in my packaging. [M]y items look really professional." 

Your turn

What project would you like to start to hand out at shows and include in your packaging? Email me at and tell me about your project!