Sunday, May 15, 2016

The First Thing You Need to Know Before You Buy a Pinback Button Kit

Pinback button making is a lot of fun! I covered the equipment you need to make a pinback button in another article. First, there is something you need to know before you purchase a pinback button machine and supplies. 

You need to know your plan.

What is your goal?

Are you planning on having this pinback button project be a one time thing? A hobby? Do you plan on making money with this?

Pinback button machines aren’t cheap. They average around $300-$400 depending on the type and how many supplies you get. The starter kits typically come with supplies to make between 250-1,000 buttons. You can get hobby machines that are cheaper and smaller but the quality of the buttons is very poor.

Where do you want to invest your time?

Do you want to invest your time in designing the pinback buttons? Do you want to invest your time in turning the designs into pinback buttons? When you are running your own business, you need to consider both of these time investments as they are both required to make the artwork and the pinback button.

Where are the funds coming from?

You not only need to spend money on the button making kit, you also need to spend money on other materials like a printer and printer paper. You need to make sure that your printer has ink. You need to have a design program to make the designs. If you don't have these materials already they will be added to your startup cost.

Please, please do not go into debt for a pinback button kit! I highly recommend that you don't go into debt for anything. That is an article for another time.

There are a variety of ways for you to get money for your pinback button machine. You can use birthday money, Christmas money, or money saved up from your day job. You can pick up side jobs or a second job to save up money from it. I used money that I set aside and saved up from my day job to pay for my button making kit.

Please, please, please do not go into debt for it.

What is your plan for earning your investment back?

Sure, you can use birthday money or Christmas money to pay for the machine but you need to have a game plan with how you are going to earn back this time and money investment. That money could've been used on something else. You could have bought video games or a new camera with it.

I did not have a good enough plan to earn back my investment in my button making supplies. You can learn more about that story here.

Making products to sell can be challenging. It can take up to two years for you to build an audience.

Pinback buttons are a great way to foster creativity and to make delightful designs you can show off and carry with you.

The costs need to be weighed against the goals.

Are you planning on buying a pinback button making kit? Do you already have one and are struggling? 

I'd love to hear from you!

Thanks for reading!