Friday, August 8, 2014

From Studio to Door: How Little House of Crafting Becomes Yours!

You may be wondering about what happens between clicking "Checkout" on your order and your goodies getting to your door. I'm here to show you how I do it! :)

1.  I am notified via email that your order has been completed.

2.  I find the product ordered in my studio. Looks like we're getting low on this design!

3.  I punch holes in the customized backer I made from recycled materials.

4.  I attach the ordered product to the backer with a little surprise!

5.  From my stash of reusable shipping supplies, I package the order with a cardboard backing to keep it from bending and bubble wrap to keep it safe while traveling!

6.  Now, my favorite part:  It's time to thank *you*! I write you a "Thank You" note and ask that you visit the other shops I provide business cards for. I love supporting other small businesses!

7.  I use ShippingEasy to process the shipping label.

8.  I tape the shipping label to the polymailer and package the order.

9.  Finally, I put the package in the mailbox.

10.  The flag is put up and your package is on its way to you!

 Thank you so much for stopping by to learn how orders are processed and shipped! 

Click here and see what goodies can become yours! 

I look forward to sending you a package soon! :)

Do you have a shop of your own? Write up a post like this and share it in the comments. I'd love to see your process!