Saturday, March 8, 2014

Fun Fact Friday #17 on Saturday!

So I've missed the last two Fun Fact Fridays. >_< It's bee quite a trip these last two weeks!

At the beginning of the month of March I decided that I was going to move away from making fanart. This includes custom orders as well. I destashed to my convention booth partner Lilly Inverse of Lilly Inverse Designs. This also means that I will not be participating in anime conventions anymore as unfortunately original art does not sell well there. I have removed the "Convention" portion of my blog. Depending on my employment situation I might be adding a "Shows and Faires" section. :)

Despite this shift in focus, exciting things are in the future for Little House of Crafting!

A collaboration with Melli's Yarn Works that will go live on March 20th!
A Flash Sale will occur on Monday, March 10th as these guys haven't moved in a while. ^_^
  • A portion of every sale, excluding custom orders, will confidentially assist students with their student loan debt through Student Loan List and you will help me pick a major once the donation goal is reached!
  • An educational tidbit will now be included in every product listing.
  • More to come!