Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sensational Shop Saturday - Wind Goddess Studio

31 Days of Sensational Shops went so well that Sensational Shop Saturday was created to continue to feature awesome handmade shops!

Today's Sensational Shop is Wind Goddess Studio - run by Straya Obscura!

Tell us about you - the creator!

I am Straya Obscura, which is actually a pen name, and I am a full time illustrator. My hobbies, outside of art, include building models like Gundams and Zoids when I wish to spend time to myself. But I have many friends and family that I enjoy going out and seeing movies and just hanging out around the house with. The people in my life mean a lot to me and are my inspiration to continue my work!

Describe your shop and what you sell

My work is focused around semi-3D paper crafts, all of them are cut by hand, built by hand, and illustrated by me, I do both traditional and digital works.

What is your favorite item to make? Why?

Oh goodness me this is such a tough question! Sitting here looking at all of them I am going to have to say that my "Nebula Frill" is a top favorite of mine, I am very happy of the space depiction in the piece. My next favorite are my Kirrin and Elemental Kitsune series.

How and when did you start your business?

I created the idea of these paper crafts back in 2008 almost by accident. The idea of creating a pop-up book like illustration but without the book had been floating in my head for years before, and when I finally decided to give it a shot for a school project it was given much praise by my friends and instructors, I was given the "OK GO WITH IT!" from my professors and have since then been going strong with them. By the end of college and beginning my portfolio show pieces it was decided that these works would be the focus of my portfolio, and I was given the "Best In Show" award on graduation day that really set in stone what I was going to do!

Anything else you would like to add?

My paper crafts are much different than an illustration on paper or a painting, the aspect of them being double-sided and almost 3D in a sense really puts a different perspective on a character!

Where can buyers find you?

Thank you so much for stopping by to meet Straya Obscura of Wind Goddess Studio! I'll see you next week for another Sensational Shop Saturday!