Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Con Alt Delete 2013 - The Friendmaker

Lilly Inverse Designs and I can still squeeze into a single table! We will hopefully be getting two tables from now on though. We just have so much to offer!

This was the first year for Con Alt Delete and although we didn't break even we made so many new friends! VK Armoury was our table neighbor. You can see some of his fantastic jewelry in the picture on the left side of our booth. Creations from the Warp flanked us on the other side. You can see their scarves and Pokemon buttons in the picture on the right of our booth. 

Involute Studio was a couple tables down. They have fantastic bottle necklaces that light up! So cool!

Last, but certainly not least, is Purple Tree Studios. She's from Michigan like us! Her prints are soo good!

I was requested to do two commissions at the con. They are pictured below. Please excuse the lighting. It was so terrible in the room. >_<

Flame Princess commission

Quilava commission
And of course, we saw some awesome cosplays as well! Pictures are below!

Awesome staff member is Captain America!
A fabulous TARDIS dress!

The back of said TARDIS dress

An SCP guard. Sorry for the blurry picture. I was excited.
And there you have it! 

Anime-ZAP is next on January 3rd-5th in East Peoria, IL! Chuck Huber will be there! He was the voice of Stein in Soul Eater! :D