Saturday, December 28, 2013

31 Days of Sensational Shops - Lilly Inverse Designs

31 Days of Sensational Shops is a month long tour of geeky, fantasy and/or monster-filled shops in December. Please stick around to learn more about today's Sensational Shop!

Today's Sensational Shop is Lilly Inverse Designs - run by Lilly Inverse!

Tell us about you - the creator!

I've been a very crafty individual my whole life. From sewing, knitting, crocheting, and cross stitching to jewelry making, metal work, and wood carving, I've always gotten a sense of elation from finishing a project and having something to show for it.

Years of making things and a full two bedroom apartment have made me think that perhaps it is time to get into the crafter community and use my skills to make something of myself - pun intended! 

Describe your shop and what you sell

I make and sell perler pixel art, beaded jewelry, sculpey jewelry and cellphone charms, lolita clothing, cybergoth clothing & accessories (like cyberlox, leg warmers, and arm warmers), buttons, custom cosplay outfits, and stickers. I am soon to be in the business of making patches as well, as soon as I get my new embroidery machine up and running.

What is your favorite item to make? Why?

I love creating new things. When someone orders a custom or when I get an idea to make something into a perler, it's super exciting to get a reference pic and place beads on a board in a new and creative way!

How and when did you start your business?

I've been on and off Etsy for years, but I actually started selling my artwork at conventions and online with Almacon 2012 in Alma, Michigan.

Anything else you would like to add?

If you'd like to avoid any shipping costs, my convention schedule is available on my website. Hope to see you there!

Where can buyers find you?

Thank you for stopping by and meeting Lilly Inverse of Lilly Inverse Designs! Come by on the morrow and meet another Sensational Shop!