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It all started with saving a local, annual NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) tradition.

It’s a long story (you can scroll down to read the extended version).

The short version is the Municipal Liaison's (ML) pinback button maker was broken. Without it the traditional button for the Midway Madness event would be missing.

The button for this event helps attendees celebrate how many words they wrote during the writing event. Without this button, tens of thousands of words would be left behind in laptops - their birthdays missed. Something had to be done!

I banded together with the ML and we created a button to celebrate the birth of those words!

I've gone on to help other geeky businesses and organizations grow and strengthen their communities by:  celebrating their own traditions, supporting a STEM camp for girls, and more! (details below!)

Here’s What I’ve Been Up to Recently

  • I've been making new button designs to hone my skills. Click here to follow the journey.
  • I started posting weekly videos on my YouTube channel, where I share with you a behind-the-scenes peek into how I run my businessIt’s currently on hiatus while I work on other projects. The archive is still available.
  • I started posting weekly blog posts, where I share with you how to make pinback buttons and how to use them to engage and grow your geeky business and organization. It’s currently on hiatus while I work on other projects. The archive is still available.

Let’s get on with the longer story!

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A Tale of All the Things

Getting here has been a long story. I started with a needing a hobby after I started my first full-time job. Up until then, school had filled all my free time. I needed something to do again. A friend of mine was running a business where she was selling pinback buttons at local anime conventions. I knew I could make buttons! I've been drawing my entire life!

Things did not go well that year. I was missing something vital in my strategy. I was focusing on whatever I wanted to make instead of what the market wanted. Even though my original work was enjoyed online, they were not as appreciated at conventions.
Despite conventions not working out, I've worked with some pretty amazing geeky businesses and organizations:

Geeky Collaborations

International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club 20014 Camp Collaboration - Troop Hobbitses

Celebrate Science & Support Girls in STEM with Craftypodes

NaNoWriMo Detroit Region 2014 Midway Madness Collaboration

The Day Job Shuffle and a Rebrand

There were other challenges though. The same year I started my business, my day job ended. It was an art and design school and they were letting people go in preparation for the closing. In four years, I've lost and gained a day job four times. This has provided significant challenges for my business.

During that constant shuffle of jobs, I also changed my business strategy. I used to work with everyone and anyone that wanted to come to me for custom buttons. I was also spreading my product offering too thin by offering pinback buttons and perler bead art.

The Rebrand of Normal Not Found

I rebranded and changed my focus to only work with geeky businesses and organizations. I changed my product offering as well. I make pinback buttons so that geeky businesses and organizations can grow and strengthen their communities.

Even though I felt like I was starting over. I needed to get my head back in the game. I did this by making content. I completed VEDA to have over 30 videos on YouTube. I have blog posts to go along with them so you have a transcript to read with the video.

Blog and Video Content Took Off

With this new found passion and direction, I started posting on my blog once a week. I also started publishing a video on my YouTube channel once a week.

I showed behind-the scenes peeks at my morning routine, how I prep my week and how I make pinback buttons. I got into detail and share the design phase, printing, cutting and punching process of button making.

This content gives you a peek into my world for you to see more about my work and my life. I made new content for a couple months and then pivoted to something that would serve you better: teaching and self-initiated projects.

Teaching the Craft and How to Use Them

I started going to conventions again as a teacher instead of a vendor. I saw the faces of attendees light up when they made pinback button creations with their own hands. They had something that was theirs that they could take home and wear and treasure.

This is what I want to provide to you. I want to help you make something of your own to have and share with the your community – something that celebrates you, your vision, and spreads your reach at the same time.

I teach you how you can use pinback buttons to grow and strengthen your community. Enter your email below to get your free guide!

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Self-Initiated Projects

Self-initiated projects strengthen and hone my skills

Here are a case studies:
I'm inspired by the amazing geeky businesses and organizations I see around me. The timeless parts of the geeky community (the love of games, comics, books, art, science, fantasy, etc) are celebrated when we join forces! I take this inspiration to practice my skills at all times. I'm sharpening my skills every second I get. This ensure top quality work from me so that you can see better results in growing and strengthening your community.

Here is Where You Come In

My work is more than just pretty pieces of paper sandwiched between plastic and metal. These pinback buttons we make together are a tool to help you reach further than you can on your own and to fill holes in your marketing and outreach.

Without them, you're stuck doing the same things you've always been doing:  
  • managing inventory
  • running the shop
  • wearing too many hats between administrative tasks, social media, content creation, product creation/inventory management, and more!
  • having rules and regulations keep you from advertising your work and spreading your reach
  • wondering what to give your customers and supporters to show you appreciate them that's more than a logo on a business card with a coupon code
Learn more about how to do this with my free guide on how to use pinback buttons to grow and strengthen the community of your geeky business.

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