Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Bubble Tea Case Study


Bubble tea is one of my favorite treats. I love tea by itself but when you add tapioca balls (the bubbles) with milk and ice ohh, man!

A local bubble tea shop has a bubble tea flavor of strawberry vanilla. This is where the inspiration of this design came from. It’s a favorite among the locals of the shop. It tastes like strawberry ice cream!


I started sketching out different types of cups and different variations of how the bubbles would be arranged. Some shops serve bubble tea in a normal cup with a lid and a straw. A large straw of course to get the bubbles out.

The bubble tea I get at my local shop has a plastic sealing film on the top you punch the straw through. I abandoned the original lid idea from my sketching and replaced the lid with the sealing film while vectoring the work.

Using the sealing film instead of the lid changed another idea as well. Once I removed the lid, I had to make it look like the tea went all the way to the top of the film, as it is in reality. This meant the tea would lose that “floating” effect it had in my original sketches.

Vectoring and Iterations

I tried different variations of what colors of bubbles to use. I tried black, black with a lower opacity, hot pink, and brown. Black looked the best based on the contrast between the colors.

The different sizes of the bubbles are to show that some bubbles are partially hidden in the tea. I could’ve made them oddly shaped like they are in reality and I found that making them smaller didn’t distract from the overall vision of the work. I wanted to keep lines clean and spheres more symmetrical.

Choosing Colors

The green color of the background pairs with the strawberry color in that red and green are opposite colors on the color wheel. The green color really makes the strawberry color stand out with the contrast.

The blue straw goes well with the green color of the background. They are next to each other on the color wheel. Blue is also a popular straw color choice when bubble tea is purchased. They are all gone by the time I get my bubble tea after work.

Let's Get Practical

Designs like this are a perfect way for customers to celebrate their favorite tea combinations!