Wednesday, September 14, 2016

How Custom Pinback Buttons Help Your Geeky Business


Use them as prizes for incentives to do things at your event. My local NaNoWriMo chapter has new buttons to collect every year. You never want to miss out!


Use the buttons as fliers to promote the event. They also make a great souvenirs! Off the Beaten Path Books had special buttons made to help them promote Small Business Saturday.

Reward supporters and loyal subscribers

Use a custom button to make something special for those who support you and who are loyal to you. This one of a kind gift will help them feel appreciated.

Promote new products!

Add a pinback button to the packaging for extra delight when your customer opens their order. You can have them be limited addition for the first 10 orders. Another idea is to create a special line of pins to celebrate the launch of your new product.

Business cards

Pinback buttons with your logo on them make create business cards! Add your site URL to the rim and you’ business! Krmbal Clothing used pinback buttons to give an extra surprise at conventions and craft shows.


Collaborate to link your geeky skill and passion with pinback buttons. Craftypodes and I teamed up to celebrate science.

Need custom pinback buttons for your geeky business? Click here!