Sunday, July 10, 2016

IGGPPCamp Case Study: Troop Hobbitses

IGGPPCamp is the virtual camp that IGGPPC (International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club) hosts every year in August. The campers are assigned into troops. Each troop has a troop leader. One of my leaders, in Troop Hobbitses, wanted to provide a gift for the campers in our troop to celebrate camp.


The logo for the troop was already created. We obtained permission from IGGPPC to use the logo for the gift. The leader felt pinback buttons and magnets would make the best gifts as others like it were provided in the IGGPPC store for purchase.

Design & Layout

The troop leader provided the Troop Hobbitses logo for me to use for the design. I resized the logo to fit the layout for a 1.25" button maker. The layout was able to be used for both the pins and the magnets.


After the pins and magnets were made, pictures of the finished product were put on social media to spread awareness to the other virtual campers.

The other troops were jealous! Now members of Troop Hobbitses will remember IGGPPCamp for years to come!

Your Turn

What project would you like to start to help your event attendees remember the awesome time they had? Email me at and tell me about your project!