Friday, November 21, 2014

5 Fandom Friday: Characters I Would Invite To My Thanksgiving Feast

It's another 5 Fandom Friday! Here we go with characters I'd invite to my Thanksgiving feast!

Image credit:  Wikipedia
1. Martha from Doctor Who
I'd love to have Martha at my Thanksgiving feast! She's my favorite Doctor Who companion. I'm sure she'd eat and run to get back to her fiance but in the meantime we can gab about Harry Potter.

Image credit:  Orphan Black Wikipedia
2. Cosima from Orphan Black
I'd pick this girl's brain hard core and be super protective of her oxygen tank. I'd give her one of each of my science pins to take home. I'd hope she'd brag to Delphine about them.

Image credit:  Marvel Cinematic Wikepedia
3.  Steve Rogers from Marvel
 This guy just needs somewhere to go for Thanksgiving. He can come to my house! It would be a nice break in his search for Bucky.

Image credit:  Dollhouse Wikipedia
4.  Topher Brink from Dollhouse
Topher needs a hug. I'd give him one and then food too! We'd play video games and he'd be safe. I'd love to keep him forever but he's too important to the show and the Dollhouse world.

Image Credit:  Avatar Wikipedia
5.  Bolin from Legend of Korra
I'm a nervous host and would want Bolin around as he'll enjoy whatever I make him and he's hilarious! I'd give him one of my red panda magnets to take home. He and Pabu inspired it after all.