Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Little House of Crafting 2014 Mid-Year Review

Lisa Jacobs of Marketing Your Creativity posted her mid-year review and I was inspired to share mine! I will be brutally honest here so bare with me.

1. What feels good about the first half of 2014? What’s clicking?

Greater involvement in communities maker communities like the Indie A-List, Oh My! Handmade and, Craft Junkies help me feel less alone in this endeavor. Members of those communities offer support that I can't find anywhere else! 
Custom orders are growing and I see a consistent fanbase that's excited about what I do (You know who you are and you all rock! ^_^).

Taking Sunday off to do whatever I want has been doing wonders for my feeling like a normal human being. Who knew gaining 6 levels in Borderlands 2 could be so therapeutic!

Finally, I make it a point to do the most important thing that needs doing as soon as I get on the computer. This ensures I don't get distracted by social media.

2. What areas of your life or business are feeling out of sync?

New designs/products:  I need to make a system so that new products are being produced regularly.

3. What do you want the rest of the year to feel like? What would you like to see take shape?

New designs are being produced regularly, promotion is kept up and, a good time is had by all!

4. What will you need to do to make that visualization come true?

 Schedule a time to regularly produce new designs and stay accountable with it. Decide on the days, times and make deadlines. Stay accountable in the communities I'm a part of.

5. What would you like to stop doing? What’s eating up your time, making you feel bad, or not contributing to your best life in any way?

 Fear and vulnerability:  Stop it! I need to not let it stop me. This is not a comfortable road to travel and it's not supposed to be. So, embrace it and learn to laugh in the face of mistakes and failure. I need to learn to let go of perfection and embrace the Bob Ross I know is in there somewhere! I will start today!

Whew! That was a load off! I'd love to hear about your mid-year review! Share your link in the comments! Be sure to check out Lisa's blog too! She has some amazing stuff to teach you!