Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sensational Shop Saturday - Dazzling and Dapper

31 Days of Sensational Shops went so well that Sensational Shop Saturday was created to continue to feature awesome handmade shops!

Today's Sensational Shop is - Dazzling and Dapper run by Katy Coffman!

Tell us about you - the creator!

My name is Katy and I am the face behind Dazzling and Dapper. I'm also a wife and mom to an adorable 2 year old.
I love cooking and trying new foods. I also love to garden, basically I love to grow and make things.
I started DD to make fun things for girls, I soon realized that my son needed hip things to wear to and my boy line was added. With growth, came the embroidery machine and the ability to take care of all clothing and accessory needs. I believe every kid she rock their own style and love making that happen!

Describe your shop and what you sell

At Dazzling and Dapper you can get accessories and clothes for both boys and girls. I have bows, flowers, skirts and dresses for little girls. I also have the ties, bow ties and suspenders for boys. I can make custom embroidered shirts and am working on expanding this portion of my business.

What is your favorite item to make? Why?

Wow, that is a hard one! I think I have two. One is the ties/ bow ties because I have a son and it is so hard to find hip and cute items for him to wear. The second is birthday shirts, because I love getting it to match a little one's style and birthday theme!

How and when did you start your business?

I started my business because I wanted to have an outlet for my creativity and loved making cute little girl items. That is when I found out that little boys don't have that many options, so my little boy's line was born. I have just grown from there and plan to grow and create for a long time!

Where can buyers find you?

Thank you so much for stopping by to meet Katy Coffman of Dazzling and Dapper! I'll see you next week for another Sensational Shop Saturday!

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