Friday, April 25, 2014

Fun Fact Friday #19!

It's been a month since I've done one of these posts. It's been a busy month and I have a lot to be thankful for! :) 

I've achieved the milestone of Storenvy 50 sales - 12 of them being this month! I am absolutely blown away and so grateful for your support!

Also, my first Student Loan List donation is fully funded! The first donation will go to someone who graduated with a degree in the arts.

So far, I've had the honor of making pinback buttons and magnets for 10 shops, including:  Baby Moon Boutique, Fairy Tale Knits, Crafteroni and Cheese, Landon's Toy Box, Pelhuaz By Red, Melli's Yarn Works, Krmbal, Twisted Thread and Hook, Kiser Krafts and, Scrawny Girl!

I am super grateful to Kelly of Kiser Krafts as she is the maker who invited me to the Storenvy Community Group on Facebook. The expertise and support from that fabulous group is priceless!

Please show these epic shops some love! Share in the comments what fab swag you found!