Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tea of the Month Club - Adagio Teas - Casablanca Twist

I forgot to review February's Tea of the Month Club. Whoops!

My first two teas were Green Pekoe and Casablanca Twist. 

You can read about Green Pekoe here.

You steep this tea for 2 minutes at 180 degrees. I boil 12oz of water in a measuring cup and wait until the water just starts to bubble. That's roughly 180 degrees.

Casablanca Twist is a blend of darjeeling sungma summer tea and peppermint leaves. I call this "mint tea with a kick." I love mint tea and I was really excited when this was sent to me. I use mint tea to sooth my stomach after overeating. Darjeeling sungma summer tea is a black tea so I'm a bit confused as to why Adagio Teas categorizes Casablanca Twist as a green tea when it has a black tea base. Nevertheless, the mint is all that's tasted in this tea. I highly recommend it!

Next up:  Cocomint Green!

Do you frequent Adagio Teas? What type of tea is your favorite?