Wednesday, December 18, 2013

#fmsphotoaday December Catch Up!

I've been so behind on these! I'm too much of a completionist to not do it all. XD

My IngenuiTEA in action making a yummy earl grey tea 'drink'! I love this gadget!

We don't have any Christmas 'lights' to put up but I do really enjoy how my neighbor changes their porch light to red for the holidays. :)

The staff of Con Alt Delete was so awesome! Not only did the convention have a ConSweet, which offered free, unlimited Ramen, rice and soda, but the staff also delivered it to the dealer room! It 'makes me feel merry' just thinking about it!

This 'tree' in our yard still has a squirrel's nest in it! Can you imagine sleeping that high in a tree!?

My Dragonite perler is 'big'! He's 11 inches by 10 inches and consists of about 1,900 beads!