Friday, November 29, 2013

November #fmsphotoaday Catch Up!

The 'simplicity' of these pinback buttons allow you to share your geekery with others in a very easy way!

'A word" to describe me would be gamer. I am a huge gamer! Board games, card games, PC games, I love games!

It may come to a surprise that Glee is my guilty pleasure TV show to watch. Of the characters on the show, Kurt Hummel, the character on the far left, is the 'quirky' character. His voice is amazing and I just love to watch him work!

A 'message' for this weekend is the StorenvyFlash30 sale for Cyber Monday, December 2nd! 50 Storenvy shops, including mine, will have 30% off everything! You don't want to miss it!

Ice Princess is one of my inspirational movies that I own. Casey, the main character, is not afraid to say 'no!' and work to achieve her dreams of becoming a competitive figure skater. I'm a scholastic nerd and I love structured physical activities so this movie fits me to a T!

'I am grateful for' The Epi-Center of Handmade Awesomeness group on Facebook. We share our WIPs and other updates regarding crafty small business life in addition to providing oodles of unicorns and rainbows in support of each other! 

The clear side of my husband's sweet, 'black' desktop is a sight to behold! It's nifty to be able to look inside your computer while it's working. There is so much space in there to upgrade later! :)

Are you completing the #fmsphotoaday challenge too? What do you think of it?