Thursday, October 31, 2013

Midnight Madness - The Niche Itch

Scrawny Girl posted a blog entry about Leslie IRL's Nitche Itch.

I've always wondered what my nitche was, particularly as I've just opened my shop up this year. I was so excited to read in the article that you can be in more than one nitche. I really don't like being put in a box.

I will answer these questions now and then I'll look at it in a year just to see what has changed.

Let me tell you, some of these were hard to answer! But, here are my answers:

1. What is one of your favorite words, that you have never heard any one else that you know of describe themselves as? 
Shiny. I've always loved that from Firefly. Such an interesting word to describe people and the status of things.

2. If someone was to search for your blog in Google, and you could rank on the first page for 5 keywords, what would they be?
convention, fmsphotoaday, nanowrimo, geekery, crafting

3. What is your favorite adjective? Especially one to describe the way a person is.

Cute. I'm pretty sure I over use it.
4. Think of your favorite movie character, comic book character, or cartoon character, that you self-identity with. What are a couple of words you would use to describe their personality? What color would you describe them as?
Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony. She's pretty much my spirit animal. She loves to research, read and she has a very exact way of doing things. Purple is a great color for her as she's a combination of the red and blue pill. You can't put her in a box! She'll think her way out!

5. What color are you?

Blue. I can be cheery but yet depressed sometimes. Blue fits both.
6. What are you the most knowledgeable about? What would other people say you are the most knowledgeable about? When is the last time you went on a really good rant about something?
I'm most knowledgeable about orca/killer whales. I can talk your face off about them. No really. Others would say I'm most knowledgeable about conventions as many of my blog posts have been about them recently. My last good rant was yesterday's post on tips for selling at a con for the first time.

7. If you had to design a business card right now, and could only have 3 words on it, what would those words be?
Geek, Craft, Guidance
8. Your blog is a food. What food is it and why?
Pizza. It sustains the masses with its carby, protein-filled goodness and is wonderful to share with others. Eating pizza alone always makes me sad.

9. If you could plan a photo shoot for your professional head shot, what would you be wearing? What piece of clothing, jewelry, or accessory would you wear that screams you?
Ohh, I'd so have to go shopping. In an ideal world, I would be wearing Look Human's Don't Forget to Be Awesome shirt. That is something that my husband tells me everyday and I want to be sure to share it with others and encourage them too. :)
10. If you could collaborate with any blogger, artist, or person, who would it be, and what would you bring to their table?
Definitely Lu & Ed. I would soak in all the information I could as she has so much experience. I'd bring to the table my spongey brain, my creativity and my thirst to share helpful things with the world.

11. Pick a tagline for yourself. Or a few. 10 words total, for your identity, and niche.
Geekery from my heart to yours. Everyone is a geek over something or many things.

12. If you could copyright one item, food, object, or animal, and when people see it they would think of you, what would it be? It will help if this object is not already associated with someone else.
Peanut butter. I pretty much live off the stuff.
13. Your blog is an animal. What animal is it, and why?
Killer whale all the way! They're highly social and very skilled in hunting. You should see these guys hunt sting rays in New Zealand!

14. You have to pick 2 emotions that your blog will make people feel. What are they?

Energized and confident. I would like my readers to come away from what they've read feeling like they can take on anything.

15. Someone who reads your blog writes you an email, expressing that your blog caused them to do something, or feel something, or think about something, or try to make something, and it makes you so happy to know this. What did it cause them to do?
Something different! Something out of their comfort zone that they would never think of doing but now suddenly and randomly feel like they'll try it.

16. What’s your favorite mythical creature, and why?

The wolf. It's real but yet mythical in so many ways. It's a pack animal too and so beautiful. They have a similar history to the orca as well as they were hunted as pests but now some circle the Endangered Species List.

17. Your blog is referred to someone that you admire by a friend. They use these 2 words to describe your niche.

Helpful geekery

18. You can only use one social network to promote your blog, forever. Which one do you choose and why?

Twitter. I'm pretty much on it all day right now. I have so many people to talk to that I think of as friends.

19. You would love it if this store posted your blog’s business cards on their front counter.

Sundance Games. They are a local gaming shop that my husband and I spend hours talking to the owner.

20. If you had to pull an Emma, and take a photo of yourself looking down from your chin of your feet and the ground, where would you choose to be standing, what would you choose to wear, and why?
Probably in my driveway looking down at a new creation I was photographing. I'd be barefoot.

21. What are you most passionate about? What would other people perceive you as being most passionate about? Are these things different?
Helping people. I'm most passionate about helping people and answering their questions. If I don't know the answer then I'm sure gonna find it! These things are not different.

22. You have to choose a celebrity to do a poetic reading of your favorite blog post, with the perfect voice. Who is it?
Jennifer Lawrence. That girl is going places!

23. What image on someone else’s blog have you seen that you love?

The picture in this Lu & Ed blog post. The fact that she made a grumpy monster makes me smile.

24. You can only blog from one location for the rest of your life. Where is it?

Wherever my hubby is. I don't like to be away from him for too long.

25. You walk into the Internet cafeteria. You see tables with every blogger ever. You sit down at the table with these 5 bloggers.
I'd totally be switching seats later to hang with all of my girls! First would be Lu & Ed, Scrawny Girl, Kiser Krafts, Tiger Knitty and, Violet's Buds.

26. You have to decorate your online bedroom. What is the pattern on your bedspread? What poster is above your bed? And what CD is in the CD player?
The pattern on my bedspread is Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony. The poster above my bed would be of Keiko, the whale that played Willy in Free Willy. In the CD player would be For King and Country. That band is amazing!

Thank you so much for reading! Please leave a comment if you answered the questions too. I'd love to pop over and see! :D