Saturday, October 26, 2013

General Convention Rules

What type of conventions do you attend? Anime? Comic? Steampunk? Gaming? A combo?

Regardless of which kind of convention you attend the rules are very important. They are to keep you and other attendees, staff, vendors and artists safe.

Convention rules are typically found in the program book of conventions. Programs are usually free, others you have to pay for. Some conventions, such as Go!Daikocon pictured here, have some of their rules conveniently on the back of the badge!

I have provided a general run down of convention rules here. Many are standard at conventions. Others I have added myself.
  1. Wear your badge at all times. Wearing your badge means you may be photographed or videotaped at any time, usually by convention staff but attendees may do so as well.
  2. Anything you do or say has the chance to be posted on the internet.
  3. Shower! Change your clothes! There are so many times where I see people wearing the same cosplay three days in a row. Change your clothes and underwear!
  4.  Eat! Some conventions have ConSweets - where ramen is provided. Ramen is not a proper meal! Be sure to eat at least two meals a day with some kind of protein. Pizza shared amongst a group is a great choice!
  5. Drink plenty of fluids as well! Bring/purchase a water bottle and keep refilling it from the drinking fountain throughout the day/weekend.
  6. Never leave a drink unattended. Even with friends. There are creepers out there!
  7. Follow local, national, state and facility rules at all times.
  8. Do not photograph or videotape any vendor/artist alley products or booths without asking permission first. It is generally good form to include the booth's business card(s) in the picture/video as well so others can know where to get the awesome swag too!
  9. Sleep in a designated room, not the convention space or the facility public areas. This is for your safety!
  10. Most conventions are family friendly so watch the language.
  11. No underage drinking is tolerated. 
  12. The same goes for public drunkenness.
  13. No violence or bullying is tolerated. If you are a victim find security or ConOps immediately!
Do you have other convention rules to recommend? Let me know in a comment and I'll add it to the list!